7 Hacks How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke In Your Car

 7 Hacks How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke In Your Car

The smell of lingering cigarette smoke in the car can be annoying for anyone riding or driving the car. Strong smells inside luxury vehicles like the Mercedes Benz can even bring down its appeal and value. While replacing the interior parts for Mercedes Benz is an option for permanent odors, this isn’t the only solution.

Semi-permanent cigarette smell and other strong odors stuck on the interiors of the vehicle can still be eliminated using the following hacks:

1 – Coffee Grounds

Using a bowl of coffee grounds to rid the vehicle of the cigarette smoke smell only requires a bowl and some grounds. Leave the coffee grounds inside the car with the windows closed and the smoke smell will be gone in just a few hours. Plus, it will leave your car smelling like a coffee shop.

2 – Dryer Sheets

Vehicles with cloth seats are best treated for odors using dryer sheets. Simply wipe the seats to give it a fresh, but not very overpowering scent. As a bonus, place a few dryer sheets under the seats for prolonged freshness.

3 – Charcoal

Drivers who prefer to neutralize the odor instead of masking it should take a bag of charcoal and place it inside the car overnight. The next day, the car will be free of the smoke smell and you’ll have charcoal for the next time you plan to use the grill.

4 – Cat Litter

Cat owners can also make use of the kitty litter they have at home. Pour the litter into a bowl, leave inside the car overnight and the litter will absorb all the bad odors. Once done, use the litter for cats so that nothing goes to waste.

5 – Citrus Peels

Fans of anything citrus should throw away the peels of the fruit. Save the peels, place them inside a cup, and use it to deodorize your vehicle. The peels will not only soak up the unwanted smells, but it will also replace it with a fresh citrusy scent.

6 – Vinegar

Pour some white vinegar into a cup and place it on the car’s cup holder. Leave the cup of vinegar inside the car with the doors and windows closed for at least one night. This is a fast, effective, and easy way to get rid of cigarette smell and other persistent odors inside the car.

7 – Cinnamon Sticks

Boil a couple of cinnamon sticks and transfer it to a travel cup. Place the cinnamon mixture inside the vehicle and let it sit at room temperature. For those who want a stronger cinnamon smell, use the car heater for 30 minutes and the results will be sweet and delicious.

Act Now!

The lingering smell of cigarettes and other strong odors can take a toll on the interior parts for Mercedes Benz if it is not deodorized quickly. Act fast and use any of these hacks to minimize the smell from sticking to the interiors of the car permanently. Most of these hacks require materials that are found at home so there’s no reason to delay.

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