Birthday Gifts for People Who Have Everything

 Birthday Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Even the best gift-givers can find their efforts thwarted by those people on their shopping list who seem to already have a little bit of everything and then some. How can you find a gift they love when they‘ve covered all their bases—and how do you pick out something that they don’t already own? Fortunately, there are quite a few options that can help inspire unique gifts for everyone, even the birthday person who already seems to have it all.

Pick out something luxurious.

If you’re working with a rather generous budget, you’ll find that choosing a luxury present is one great way to improve your chances of finding something they’ll love but don’t already own. Sure, they might own an item or two from a particularly popular brand. But how many people do you know who own a wide array of items from a luxury brand? Assuming you’re buying for the average person, that‘s pretty improbable. So, when you browse the best of men’s watches from brands like Rolex, you can add to their watch collection knowing they likely don’t own every available Rolex already.

Offer them a new hobby.

Even those who have everything can benefit from a new hobby! You can make this gift even more meaningful by sharing a hobby you yourself love and inspiring them to try it themselves! For instance, you might be an avid plant collector who’s happier nowhere more than when they’re surrounded by succulents and greenery. You could send a plant gift to share the love! Just make sure to buy a low-maintenance houseplant if the recipient isn’t an experienced plant parent already—no plant lover wants to send such a present to an early grave! Whatever hobby you choose, your loved one will be grateful that you took the time to pick out something special.

Find something one-of-a-kind.

If an item is entirely unique, there’s simply no way your gift’s recipient could own it already! All sorts of brands offer custom items that will ensure you surprise your loved one with something original. Kendra Scott, for example, is a jewelry brand that offers custom pieces in their unique color bar, which lets customers choose the materials and colors for a distinct version of some of their best-selling styles. Then, you can add an optional engraving for an extra level of personalization! You’ll find similar offerings from all sorts of companies, meaning there’s a customizable gift out there for anyone.

Create an extra-special present.

Are none of these options quite right so far? Instead, consider making a handmade present for your recipient! There are all sorts of crafts and DIY gift ideas out there to inspire the perfect gift. If you’re not particularly crafty, you might consider purchasing a handmade gift from a site like Etsy or from local artisans at a flea market or similar venue. Vintage gifts are a similar option in that they’re particularly unique and, in most cases, an antique piece won’t be something your loved one owns already.

Finding the perfect gift is a subtle yet powerful art, but it’s one that can be made more difficult when your recipient seems to own everything you could buy them already. Still, you’ll find that there are plenty of options available, even if it takes a bit more effort. Choose a luxury gift or DIY something, depending on your budget. Or you might share something you already love and want your loved one to experience, too. In any case, you’ll be able to find an ideal present for everyone on your list—including that friend or family member who seems to have everything.

Gill Daniel

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