Choosing the Right Travel Power Plug Adaptor

 Choosing the Right Travel Power Plug Adaptor

Everyone is hooked to their gadgets and they must have them while they are traveling. But whether or not you like, you need to carry a power plug adaptor with you. Every country has a different kind of outlet that needs to be considered while you are traveling. Hence, it is also necessary that you carry a suitable adaptor with you. Here is how you can choose your travel adaptors.

Choose Between Adaptor and Convertor

Before you start traveling, make sure that you check the type of plug that is being used in the outlets. If you have USA’s plug socket for travel purposes, then you do not have to worry about buying a new adaptor as it is compatible with most of the outlets across the globe. To ensure that your devices do not get overloaded with power and get damaged, check the input and output voltage for every device you are carrying.

Purchase a Universal Power Adaptor

When you are traveling to different countries, you need to ensure that you are using an adaptor if the plug socket is different. However, if you are not sure which power plug adaptor (หัว แปลง ปลั๊กไฟ, which is a term in Thai) to use, then get a universal power adaptor. These adaptors come with multiple plugs that are very useful when you are traveling to multiple countries at the same time.

Choose the Adaptor that is Easy to Carry

Adaptors are available in different sizes and shapes. Hence, choose the one that you are comfortable carrying with you. Avoid buying a heavy adaptor as it may not fit into a loose socket and cause you inconvenience. You should buy a small, yet powerful adaptor that will fit perfectly into any kind of socket.

Avoid Buying the Adaptors at the Airport

You may think that shopping at the airport is very cheap, but on the contrary, shopping at the airport can be expensive. The airport usually sells adaptors and USA’s plug socket adaptor (ปลั๊กไฟ USA, term in Thai) with hikes prices as they are aware that a passenger who is in need to buy these adaptors will have to buy one before traveling. To save some money, make sure that you have already bought them in advance.

Choose an Adaptor with Three Pins

When you are buying your adaptor, ensure that you are the one that has three pins. They the best when you want to plug in your laptop or any such devices. They are also easy to fit anywhere across the world and hence, are very convenient too.

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