Common Problems That Can Cause The Air Conditioner To Turn Off Suddenly

 Common Problems That Can Cause The Air Conditioner To Turn Off Suddenly

Sometimes our air conditioners behave very weirdly and after running efficiently for a few minutes gets turned off. When this happens at the time we are exhausted and ready to hit the bed, it can cause panic and frustration.

There can be many causes behind this problem that all of us have to face at some point but firstly you should not panic. The problem could be much simpler and can be corrected with a quick fix most of the time. At other times, we will require help from professional repair services to get the AC functioning back to its capacity.

To get an immediate solution to your problem, you can contact the best aircon repair service Singapore. is a premium organization providing all forms of AC repair services at any time of the day and anywhere in Singapore. Their team has skills and thorough knowledge in providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for the repair of all forms of problems that your air conditioner might have. You can have the peace of mind that your appliance is in the right hands.

What causes air conditioners to turn off suddenly?

Let’s look at the common problems that could be the reason behind sudden turning off the air conditioners:

1.   Short cycling:

  • The frequent on and off cycle of any appliance is called short cycling.
  • This can cause a lot of wear to the appliance which can eventually result in malfunctioning.
  • The problem of short cycling will make it difficult for the AC to provide an accurate adjustment of room temperature.
  • The main reason behind short cycling is the unit size being larger than required for a room or inaccurate placement of thermostat which results in incorrect detection of room temperature.
  • For rectifying this issue, you need to contact your dealer to get the sizing correct or replacement of thermostat.

2.   Fault in the thermostat:

  • If faulty wires are connecting the thermostat and AC, it could signal the AC to turn off.
  • Call a professional and get your thermostat checked to rectify the problem.

3.   Clogging of condensate:

  • The pipe that drains the moisture away from home can get clogged with debris and dirt resulting in clogging.
  • The first signal that a clogged condensate will give is that the water will leak inside the house rather than outside.
  • If not rectified at this stage, higher water levels can cause the AC to shut off.
  • To clear this drain pipe, you can call an aircon service professional and the AC can start to function again.

4.   Leakage of gas resulting in low levels of refrigerant:

  • Refrigerant is the fluid the traps heat and condenses it to cause cooling.
  • Leakage of the fluid can result in a low level of fluid which in turn can cause the AC to turn off.
  • You need to call for professional assistance to get this repaired.

5.   Overheating of the appliance:

  • When grime builds up in the compressor, it can cause overheating of the appliance.
  • Regular maintenance can help you in getting rid of this problem.

You should try and get regular servicing for your air conditioner so that any issue is identified at an early stage and does not result in failure of functioning. You can check out the Facebook profile at 7days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd. to know different types of services provided by them and you can also book an appointment with an AC repair specialist right from this profile.

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