Easy ways to protect your roof from rodents and birds

 Easy ways to protect your roof from rodents and birds

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep both your shingled or metal roof in tip-top shape so you have less maintenance and spent less on repairs. But, some things are inevitable like having rodents and leaves fall on your roof throughout the year. So how do you keep your roof free of the dangers these things can cause?

Protecting your roof

Move the bird feeders away from the house –

One simple way to attract birds, and other rodents like squirrels, to your home, is by placing bird feeders along your front porch or nearby a door. This welcomes the birds to your home and allows them to feel free to roam around the place however they see fit.

Instead, block your home as a no-passing zone by moving your bird feeders away from your home. Instead of hanging them from a porch or your roof, hang them from a nearby tree or get a bird feeder pole that you can place in the ground near your garden.

It’s important to do what you can to remove birds from flying around your home because birds can create corrosion for your shingles with their bird droppings. Unfortunately, the only way to fix shingle corrosion is by replacing your shingles.

Remove and trim nearby trees –

Another way to stop rodents and squirrels is by making sure you trim any trees that are around your home. Trees offer a way for squirrels and mice to run and play, and they can easily run and play on your roof if the tree limbs are long enough.

If there’s no way to trim the trees that offer easy roof access for rodents, there is a repellent you can purchase that will help keep squirrels and rodents away from your home.

It’s important to keep squirrels away from your roof because they will eat your siding, shingles, and trim boards on top of adding fecal matter to your gutters and ruining your shingles.

Teresa Martinez

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