Hire a car at Menorca to explore the island’s most beautiful places!

 Hire a car at Menorca to explore the island’s most beautiful places!

Menorca is definitely a one of a kind place! Less known than its older sisters Majorca or Ibiza, Menorca certainly stands out for its natural beauty and it’s considered the best place for those who are looking for a more peaceful or familiar experience than the one that can be found in the other Balearic islands.

Even though it is one of the smaller islands, Menorca still possesses a wide surface on which we can find many beautiful beaches, towns, coves and many places that are worthy of visiting, however public transport’s schedules and capacity can be inconvenient for some visitors, that’s why we’re making this article on car hire menorca services for your next visit to the island.

What to look out for when renting a car

It’s important to go over the details of renting a car with a rental company before you book. This will allow you to see if the rental company is the right one for your needs.

Some of the most important points that need to be discussed are your driving licence, insurance, and how long you want to rent the vehicle for.

In most cases, it is required that you have a valid driving licence from your country of residence and an international driving permit in order to drive in Menorca. It’s also helpful if you have an IDP or an international licence since it’ll make things easier when renting the car.

When it comes to insurance, it’s best to take out comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW). This will cover damages to both you and other vehicles in case there’s an accident while you’re on holiday. It’s also worth noting that CDW doesn’t cover theft or damage related to vandalism or terrorism. For this type of coverage, you would need RCV (Supplemental Collision Damage Waiver).

The last point we should mention is how long you want to rent the car for. If it’s just for a day or two then renting by the day is perfect but if it’ll be more expensive.

You should start by selecting the best rental car company for your needs and expectations. You should also know that the best time to rent a car in Menorca is about 8 weeks before your holiday! Finally, once you’ve rented your car, it’s important to know what you’re allowed to do with it. In Menorca, you can explore the island at your own pace and make as many stops as you please.

But before you start, make sure you go over these points!

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