How Much Does an RV Cost? A Buyer’s Guide

 How Much Does an RV Cost? A Buyer’s Guide

As of 2020, around 13 million households in the United States went camping, many with RVs.

Have you ever wondered “how much does an RV cost,” and got confused about the prices?

If you are interested in buying an RV but don’t know what to expect, you should learn about your options.

Continue reading to discover the average costs of an RV depending on its size and additional features!

Class A

If you are wondering how much does an RV cost for a Class A style, you should expect to see higher numbers.

Class A RVs are the largest styles to get and they often resemble a tour bus. They have large windows in the front of the vehicle and can run on gas or diesel. These RVs can cost up to a million dollars depending on the features that are included.

Many people recommend buying used Class As to avoid high RV prices. This is the perfect option if you are traveling as a family or with a group.

Class B

One of the best types of RVs resembles a van and is perfect for traveling.

Class B RVs can also run on gas or diesel. Since these vans have limited space, they are ideal for 2 people. You can find new and used vans that go up to $150,000.

Most Class B vehicles range from 17 to 24 feet and can come with built-in features to make traveling easier.

Class C

If Class A RVs are too expensive and Class B vehicles are too small, your next best option is Class C.

Class C RV prices range from $50,000 to $100,000 and can get bought used. These vehicles are large trucks with a bed over the cab that can sleep up to 6 people. Keep in mind that most of these trucks can be up to 32 feet long.

When moving homes across the country, people use these vehicles to save money.


Although you can’t drive a pop-up independently, it is still a wonderful RV option.

Pop-up and hybrid towable vehicles can get pulled behind your daily truck. Most of these pop-ups are around 12 feet long and last less than $20,000. This is one of the more affordable options for getting an RV and extra space to sleep.

Fifth Wheels

With the average cost of an RV on the rise, more people are considering fifth wheels.

Fifth wheels aren’t as large as a Class A RV, however, they have multiple rooms for sleeping, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. These vehicles typically cost less than $150,000, especially if they are bought used.

Getaway Couple is a wonderful resource for getting RVs. You can view their selection and get one step closer to your unforgettable trip!

How Much Does an RV Cost for Your Family?

Learning about how much does an RV cost, based on size and features, will help you find the best fit.

RVs can make traveling more enjoyable since you’ll have everything you need on the road with you. Depending on how many people you’re traveling with and your budget, you can find a reasonable size.

Don’t be afraid to try pop-ups or Class B vehicles if you want to save on cash and only have 2 passengers.

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