How to Choose Industrial Cleaning Products

If you are entering the industrial cleaning business or are faced with a large cleaning job then the odds are you will need industrial cleaning products. Since there are a wide variety of products for sale, it can be an intimidating prospect, especially since you may not know anything about these products.

Why It’s Important to Use Industrial Cleaning Products

Household products won’t get the job done when you have an industrial-scale cleaning job. First, these products will run out quickly since they are packed in smaller sizes. Home cleaners also won’t be strong enough to complete the cleaning that is necessary.

Types of Industrial Cleaners

There are three major types of industrial cleaner categories.

Water Based: These cleaners come in a liquid form and water is the main ingredient. These cleaners will come in a large jug or container and you dip a brush or rag into the cleaner. These cleaners are measured and differentiated in terms of pH levels. The different pH levels can make the product more suited toward different types of cleaning. Cleaners that are more acidic are better at removing mineral stains. Cleaners on the alkaline side are better at removing fats, such as waxes and greases.

Solvent Based: Solvent based cleaners have one or more chemical as their main ingredient. Depending on what solvent cleaners are made from, they are still considered alkaline or acidic. There are products for specific surfaces, such as wood, or more generic ones for a variety of materials. You may think it’s best to just get general cleaners and ignore the rest but general cleaners aren’t as good on tough stains. Think about the kinds of stains you have and get cleaners specifically for those.

Water Soluble Solvent Based: This category is more of a hybrid and combines elements of both. There is a chemical as the main ingredient but it also can be dissolved in water. These cleaners should be stocked along with the rest of the supplies and can be designed to target specific types of dirt or stains.

Factors of a Cleaning Product

It can be hard to determine which cleaning agent is better than the other.  You can use the acronym TACT to break down the elements you should be looking at.

Time: How long does the cleaner take to work?

Action: How is the cleaner meant to work?

Chemical Concentration: How strong is the chemical cleaning agent in the cleaner? You don’t want it to be too strong and eat away at the material but it should still get the job done.

Temperature: The chemical shouldn’t require any hot water or different temperature variations.

Buying commercial products isn’t always cheap but be sure to think of the investment. You will save money over time when you choose quality.

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