How to Know if You Need Commercial Insurance

 How to Know if You Need Commercial Insurance

If you own a business that provides products or services, you probably need the right insurance to protect all of your business assets down to the last cent. Commercial insurance Culver City is more comprehensive than standard business insurance and is designed to get your business back up and running in case of unforeseen events.

When you talk to an insurance agent they can tailor your commercial insurance coverage to fit your unique business needs.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Depending on your business type you may need on or all types of commercial insurance. Each type covers different aspects of your business and you’ll want to make sure you have the correct insurance to be fully protected.

There are three main types of commercial insurance for businesses:

  • Commercial Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance protects business owners against claims of personal injury.

If a person is injured at your business or in the vicinity of your business dealings or engagements, they can claim your business is at fault. Commercial liability insurance can cover any damages that result from such a claim. Bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your business property or by equipment, products, signage or any covered condition.

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of commercial insurance exists to protect your business’ property assets. It guards your property in the event of a fire, flood, vandal, and everything in between.

This type of coverage typically includes buildings and structures, landscapes, equipment, signage, products and inventory, furniture and anything solid your business uses as a part of normal business activities.

So, if an uninsured driver happens to come barreling into your storefront, knocking down your wall, breaking a water main and flooding your office damaging your computers and furniture and all inventory on hand, commercial property insurance can take care of it.

It can cover the cost to replace the damaged items on your property or the actual cash value of the items.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses any type of vehicle for regular business activities, commercial auto insurance is a necessity.

If you operate a construction business, a transportation business or even a pizza delivery business, you should look into commercial auto insurance.

This type of insurance is helpful in the event of damage caused by your company vehicle during business operations. So, if your company operates cement trucks, haulers, semis, buses, vans or anything on wheels that travels on public roads, commercial auto insurance is a must.

Contact an agent today to learn more about commercial insurance Culver City, and how it can protect your business.

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