Keys to a Healthy Lawn

The secret to maintaining a healthy lawn already out. It’s watering correctly! Regardless of whether you have landscaping services Kent or you do it yourself, watering your lawn is actually a little more specific than you would think. So to keep your yard looking green and staying lush and soft, here are a few ways to treat it that will give you peace of mind year-round.

Don’t Over-Water

Most grass types only need about 1 inch of water per week and maybe a little more in the hot summer months when there is a lack of rainfall. If you over-water your lawn, there are a few things that could result, causing lasting damage to the grass.

Over-water can result in your grass having a shallow root system because the roots become weak due to lack of oxygen. You’re essentially “drowning” your lawn in this instance, a key signal being yellow patches in heavily watered areas.

Over-watering can also produce more weeds since they will thrive in some grass types.

Know Your Soil Type and Climate

You’ll need to know the type of grass you have, the common soils in your area, and your local climate in order to water your grass properly. This will dictate what you can do with your lawn and will tell you which practices work best based on a combination of all three factors.

If you’re not sure how to water your lawn, just know that the math roughly works out so that it takes a common sprinkler system one hour to disperse 1 inch of water. After you’ve researched your grass, soil, and climate type, do some testing over the next few weeks to see what will work for you.

In conclusion, it’s best to do the research before you start watering and testing, which may take a few tries before you eventually get it right and can stick with a program suited specifically to your lawn.

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