Noise Suppression for Your Garage

 Noise Suppression for Your Garage

There are many reasons why you might want to suppress the noise created in your garage. Maybe your teenager has a rock band that practices out there. Maybe your spouse has set up a woodworking shop. Perhaps your new baby’s room is right on the other side of the wall, and he is a very light sleeper. The good news is that there are ways to quiet down your garage activity, so the rest of the house doesn’t sound like it’s built next to a construction site. 

Use Quiet Tools

If your tools are old, rusty or warped, they are likely to be noisier than their modern counterparts. If you have a drill or saw that can wake the dead, it may be time to upgrade to a newer higher-end model that promises to be quieter. Cordless tools and tools run at lower settings tend to make less of a racket also. Keeping your equipment on a cart with noise reducing caster wheels will also lessen the rumble.

Insulate the Walls

There are several different types of garage insulation available. Acoustic panels absorb sound. They work well for garages used as workshops as well as those used for drum practice. If your garage is a multi-purpose space, look for water-resistant panels. If your garage is never used as a musical venue, a regular foam panel should work just as well at absorbing sound. They are easy and fast to install. 

Insulate the Doors

Sound may also be traveling through the doors. Insulated garage doors do double duty. They keep the space from getting too hot or too cold and keep the sound from traveling into the neighborhood. Older windows and walk-through doors can be replaced with energy-efficient ones which reduce noise and control temperature. 

Once you’ve dealt with the major noisemakers in your garage, patch any holes or cracks with acoustic sealant. Every little bit helps keep your home as peaceful as possible. 

Clare Louise

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