Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Hire You

 Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Hire You

When you create an amazing resume and find the perfect job according to your skills, you apply, go and give your interview but then, in the end, you do not get a call back or hear a word from the organization, which becomes frustrating. Well, there are a number of reasons for recruiters to not to call you back, some of which are in your control and some are not. 

Here are a few reasons why recruiters don’t give you a call back:

  • You are not qualified- A recruiter get resumes from a hundred of people in a day; some of which are not even remotely close to the requirements that are needed for that position. Although you do not need to have each and every requirement mentioned, there should at least be a sustainable amount for you to qualify for the round. Even if you are a quick learner, there needs to be specific skills and qualifications, necessary for the job position.
  • Your salary demand is way too high- Every job has a specific salary range and if your salary demand is higher then the recruiter is not going to call you. No matter how skilled and talented you are, they are not going to fulfill your high demands. They can easily find someone else for the same position with equally relevant skills and for a much lower salary. Hence, think well before demanding your salary.
  • You are not a local- Sometimes recruiters need candidates from the local area for an immediate hiring and someone who is aware of the surroundings. This reason is not really your fault as the company’s demand for local workers is not in your hands. Hence, before applying make sure to check if the company has any such demands mentioned in their requirements.
  •  You are not available online- Most recruiters after reading and analyzing your resume, like to check your profile on online platforms like LinkedIn, etc. And if they don’t find you on any such platforms, it discourages the recruiter to hire you. Also, if in case you do have a LinkedIn profile but it is not active, updated, or mismatches with the information you have mentioned on your resume, chances of them calling you back is low.

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Clare Louise

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