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Sectional Garage Doors and Its Types

When you plan to buy a new garage door, sectional garage doors are the most preferred ones for most homeowners. They can be segmented into various panels that can roll up. This would then be parallel with the garage ceiling. They are easy to open, safe and do not need any clearance space in front of the door. If you are looking for Garage Doors Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, you can easily find them that come in various colours and sizes. Take a look at the basic types of sectional garage doors.

Vintage Style Doors: Such kind of garage doors are popular on homes with traditional designs. These are roll-up sectional doors that are designed with the hinges, patterns and handles that can swing open on hinges. You can see the lines between the sections. However, some manufacturers design the top panel to be larger with more authentic look. Some other vintage style has curves and designs that mimics the old barn doors. Some make it look like French doors with translucent polycarbonate panels.

Steel Doors: Steel is undoubtedly one of the durable, secure and stronger materials used for making garage doors.Most of the manufacturers give patterns and coatings to steel that mimics wood and can match vintage styles. However, steel is easier to maintain when compared to wood.  Steel does not chip, warp or crack. Galvanised steel will not rust but the colours might fade over time. Steel doors might be expensive when compared to its basic wooden counterparts. However, the energy savings and lifespan provides more value to the steel.

Wood Doors: Despite the advantages that steel doors have, many homeowners still prefer a classic wooden look for their garage doors. Wood doors are usually made of plywood over solid wood framing or solid wood panels. High quality wood can be very expensive when you are making garage doors even if it may not last as long as steel doors.

Other Materials

Aluminium and inexpensive fiberglass doors are also available materials that can be used to make garage doors. Just like steel, aluminium can be finished with faux wood finishes. It won’t chip, crack or even rust. However, there are high chances for aluminium to dent faster when compared to steel. Fiberglass doors give a more contemporary look and are resistant to corrosion. They can also be translucent and can let in light without being transparent. However, they might get discoloured and cracked over time. They also offer poor insulation. You can also find garage doors made of glass, polycarbonate and other materials that can be stronger and more resistant to fading. However, they can be more expensive when compared to fiberglass.

You can consider adding doors and windows in your garage. Window frames can be easily cut out of wood panels in sectional garage doors. Regular and small swing-out doors can be fitted into sectional doors. For safety, you can look for pinch resistant designs. Adding insulation in the door and weather strips under the door and between the panel sections would make it more resistant to the weather. Finding garage doors in Melbourne is an easy task as you can find them with a variety in materials and designs.

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