The basics of automated guided vehicles

 The basics of automated guided vehicles

Every industry has been transformed by technology. It has provided the most up-to-date tools and resources to make the job easier. Nowadays, businesses rely on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other technology-based tools to execute tasks more quickly. 

Similarly, automated guided vehicles are used in multiple industries to deliver items and supplies in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. These vehicles are safe, save time, and reduce human error.

An automated guided vehicle is controlled by software and sensor-based guidance systems. You can transfer raw materials, work-in-process, storage/retrieval, and other production movements using AGV applications.

To be considered an AGV, AGVs must meet certain primary conditions. They are:

  • Self-driving This means that the vehicle does not require any human intervention to operate. 
  • Collision warning The vehicle must be cutting-edge, with software and technology capable of detecting and avoiding collisions.
  • Navigation – The vehicle must have navigation technology to move on its own. 
  • Path – It should be able to select the destination to transport the goods. 

Where are automated guided vehicles used? 

Electronics, food & beverage, steel, hospitals, manufacturing, chemical, plastics, ceramics & tiles, paper & printing, pharmaceutical, and warehousing & distribution are just a few industries that use automated guided vehicles.

Types of automated guided vehicles 

Automated guided vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the requirements. 

  • Automated Guided Carts

These carts execute repetitive tasks such as sorting and storing by following a painted stripe on the floor. They’re mainly utilized to save money on labor.

  • Unit Load Carriers

These are one-of-a-kind vehicles that transport specialized parts or products and are built with engineered tooling to transport several objects.

  • Heavy Towing Carriers

Heavy loads are transported over long distances using these carriers. This vehicle is self-contained and does not require the assistance of an operator.

  • Forklift and Towing AGVs

These AGVs can be used as warehouse stock robots, pulling orders from heights using forks and other specialized tools.

  • Tugger AGVs 

When going around the factory, this AGV is used to transport heavy goods and can make multiple pre-determined stops.

The important benefits of automated guided vehicles 

  1. 1. Reduce labor cost

Although the initial investment in automated guided vehicles is substantial, it cuts labor costs in various ways. Hiring a human resource for a firm is costly; however, purchasing an AGV for a corporation is a one-time cost with the vehicle remaining for a long time. 

Furthermore, when deploying AGVs, you will only need a limited number of human resources, thus lowering labor costs.

  1. Increase Safety

Sensors and navigation systems are put into AGVs to help them navigate without colliding with other objects. It will come to a halt if it encounters anything along the road. It only moves if the way is clear. So, goods and materials carried by truck are safe.

  1. Increase accuracy and productivity 

The most important benefit of using AGV is it does the work accurately. Because the vehicles are programmed with the route, they will do the work accurately. 

A human resource might make mistakes, but the AGVs don’t. And when the work is done accurately in a short period, the overall productivity is increased. 

  1. Reduce error rate

The most important advantage of AGV is that it precisely completes the task. The vehicles will perform the work accurately because they are programmed with the route. Human resources may make errors, while AGVs do not. And when labor is completed precisely in a short amount of time, total productivity rises.

  1. Work for long hours 

After a particular amount of time on the job, a human resource may get exhausted. The AGVs, on the other hand, can operate 24/7. As a result, the work will be completed more quickly, saving the company time.

Final thoughts 

This article teaches you everything you need to know about automated guided vehicles and their main advantages. You can even describe the AGVs system in detail to someone with it.

Clare Louise

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