The Benefits of Using a Professional Nanny Agency

Taking care of your children is a huge responsibility that you don’t take lightly. When it is time to hire a professional to share the work, there are several advantages to using a Nashville nanny agency rather than looking for childcare on your own.

Saving Time and Frustration

You may consider going online yourself to find a nanny, or using word of mouth, but you should consider the time costs. Not only will you have to sift through potentially hundreds of applicants, you may find in the end that a good number of them aren’t qualified to begin with. A professional  translation agency  has already spent the time vetting candidates so you don’t have to.


According to a 2017 survey of families that have hired nannies, 60% of families who used an agency have had one nanny for the last 5 years. That number drops to 33% for families who hired their nannies by searching online themselves.


While there are no formal requirements for becoming a nanny in the United States, you may have your own requirements such as:

An agency can help you find a nanny that meets your specific requirements, and will not forward you candidate that aren’t qualified for the job.

Thorough Screening

Along with checking their educational and other backgrounds, a professional nanny agency also checks criminal histories and other information vital to your decision process.  They will also check references and make other phone calls on your behalf. While you should always look at criminal history and reference materials yourself, let the agency save you time by collecting this information and vetting it for you.

Securing Backup Care and Future Care

In a perfect world you only need one nanny, but nannies get sick like everyone else.  There is also vacation time and emergency issues in their own families to consider. Some nannies may be forced or choose to move on.  When you have a relationship with a Nashville nanny agency, they can secure backup care on an emergency basis. They are already familiar with your family and its needs, so finding a long-term replacement is also a much smoother process. If you secure a nanny on your own, you must secure backup care and potentially start the whole process over down the road.

Whether you are hiring a nanny or other professional staff for your Nashville area home, contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s so we can put our proven assessment tool to work for you. The safety and privacy of you and your family are our utmost concerns.

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