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The Finer Options for the Oily Skin Options

Do you have oily skin and some blackheads? Discover our tips and natural solutions to deal with these imperfections while protecting your skin in the best conditions.

Why Is My Skin Oily?

If blackheads are often linked to oily skin, it is possible to have oily skin without being prone to blackheads. This oily appearance, on the face or scalp, can be due to many factors. Oily skin is simply an excess of sebum on the epidermis, caused by hormonal imbalance, aggressive cleaning of the skin, aggressive or excessively used cosmetics, genetic hypersensitivity, or even by hormonal drug consumption. Oily Skin promotes the proliferation of bacteria on the epidermis and can therefore cause pimples. That said, various natural solutions exist to limit the production of sebum, and thus avoid the appearance of blackheads.

To avoid blackheads, several

Solutions are available to you. Before using the products available in hypermarkets or drugstores, be aware that certain natural products, as well as certain daily habits, can help you fight against these imperfections. Among these solutions, we find:

Natural Solutions For Oily Skin

Many natural solutions also exist to limit oily skin, while moisturizing it in the best conditions. Among them, we find:

Clay: Whether green or white, clay has long proven its benefits. Thus, a clay mask can help regulate the sebum of the skin, while thoroughly cleaning the epidermis.

Exit the compact foundation: This is one of the golden rules for oily skin. Indeed, compact foundations are to be avoided as much as possible, but no worries, many cosmetics suitable for this type of skin exist.

Limit UV rays: If it provides vitamin D, the sun is not necessarily good for the epidermis. UV rays can cause pimples and promote the production of sebum to protect the skin. A false friend, therefore, for oily skin.

The egg: Mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, the egg, more precisely the white, is one of the natural ingredients for oily skin.

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