The Only Jewelry Styling Tips You Will Need

 The Only Jewelry Styling Tips You Will Need

A lot of people think merely clothes can do the job. But that is not the case. Adding accessories can make you look dressed with lesser effort. One such accessory is jewelry. It can transform the mood of the dress. Following are some of the most essential tips offered by the best jewelry factory Thailand.

1.   Black Outfit And Gold Jewelry

As much as we say orange is the new black, black is the only new black we need. The color does go with everything but it can instantly make you look dull or not dressed up enough as well. To make sure your black outfit remains classy as well. Wearing matching gold earrings and a bracelet or just a statement necklace with gold studs, it’s on you.

2.   The Sin Of Mixing Metals

One of the unstated rules is that you should never mix metals. If you are wearing gold rings, do not wear silver earrings. However, this can be a personal preference. If you are someone who likes cohesive looks, you can always go for the same metal jewelry all over the body.

However, if you are someone who loves experimenting maybe mixing those metals for once wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

3.   Colors And Patterns

Often, a lot of people find it difficult to coordinate the color of the jewelry and outfits. There are a lot of combinations you can look at. One can wear warm-colored jewelry such as red or yellow over clothes that are cool-toned such as blue. You can also try the opposite combination of cool-toned jewelry over warm toned clothes. This can bring out a different vibe altogether. If you are wearing a dress with a busy pattern, opt for simple jewelry.

4.   Pearls

When we think about pearls we are instantly taken to old Hollywood. However, they are very in right now. If you are planning to visit places such as Thailand, you can go to a jewelry factory Thailand and buy some jewelry there. Pearls always look great in places where you wear clothes that have a beach pattern. The holiday vibe suits it best.

These are some of the tips that can help you accessorize jewelry. Anything that has to do with styling has to do with how you would like to feel when you wear something. The aim is to feel confident and comfortable.

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