The Poker Time is Perfect Now

 The Poker Time is Perfect Now

Should online gambling become a legal business in the Netherlands, there is a good chance that the Online casino will also invest in an online branch.

Improve numbers

The Online casino has not always been in good shape. During the financial crisis that started in 2007/2008, the visitor numbers of the Casino were also affected. Partly due to a lower spending pattern and more uncertainty, fewer people came to the Online casino and that was reflected in the operating result, which yielded red figures for several locations for several years. More and more often there was speculation about a possible sale of the situs judi online terpercaya by the State, but currently the Online casino is still officially owned by the Dutch State.

Since around 2013/2014, the Online casino started to creep out of the valley again and slowly but surely, the positive figures also returned. With an improving economy, more people managed to find their way back to the Casino. An excellent operating result was booked in 2016, which rose by almost 5 percent. With 1.1 million unique visitors, the Online casino is a place where many people come together and where a lot is invested in one of man’s greatest hobbies; gamble.

Offline and online together

If online gambling in the Netherlands becomes legal by law, there is a good chance that the Online casino will also expand online. The first major plans to reach the customer online are also ready. For example, there should be a seamless collaboration between the online and offline branch of the Online casino. In practice, this may look like this.

What is going to happen?

  • Regular guests can identify themselves online and offline in the same way
  • Payment system, online top up play credit possible
  • Save points for favorites card also online
  • Satellite players can participate in major poker tournaments from home

Partner and supplier

According to rumors, a possible provider of online casino games for the online branch of the Online casino is Playtech. This company was founded in 1999 in Estonia and has become one of the largest providers of online sports, gambling and live casino games. Playtech is also known for a large number of unique online video slots and many live casino parts of online casinos are also with the Estonian software supplier.

The bonuses are easy to clear and are paid to you quickly. You also have the opportunity to test for free and customer friendliness is of paramount importance! We are happy to give you a good impression of the casino, which is why we have made a Turbo Casino review for you. Based on our test data we show you what you can expect at the casino if you want to take a gamble here. You get more information about the casino bonus, but also about depositing money and having winnings paid out. Once you are logged in you will also see the wide range of games, you will certainly find your favorite games here.


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