Three Classic Ring Styles For Different Occasions

 Three Classic Ring Styles For Different Occasions

The classic rings are gorgeous and also one of the most special jewelry pieces you own. But the rings are not only for weddings and engagements. You can wear a stylish ring on all occasions – be it casual and fancy, small and large, or day-to-day and special. 

However, if you are looking for rings for special moments, the classic occasion rings are your perfect option. It is because they always appear beautiful and never go out of trend. 

The classic ring styles are simple yet sophisticated. They boast traditional designs and cuts that assure that these pieces remain fashionable forever.  

From diamond cocktail rings to engraved signet rings, there are the three major classic ring styles that go well for any different occasion. 

Let’s find out what these classic ring styles are: 

Diamond Cocktail Rings

The cocktail rings are linked with the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition in American history. In the bygone era, the cocktail rings were considered a symbol of rebellion. At that time, these were worn only at bars, clandestine parties, and houses where alcohol was offered during parties. 

The cocktail rings are slightly oversized on a finger and often determined by a large center precious/semi-precious stone that’s further surrounded by smaller accent stones. These rings are quite beautiful and trendy even today. When you wear a cocktail ring, people will surely notice! 

Eternity Rings

The eternity rings are specially made to symbolize never-ending or perpetual love. These rings are often given by a loved one or spouse to their partner. The eternity rings are designed as a constant line of similarly cut gemstones. 

Although the eternity rings usually boast diamonds around the band, they may also have different gemstones. No matter what stones you choose for this ring, it has to be a continuous and unbroken band that makes an eternal loop symbolizing love. These are often worn on your ring finger alone or with an engagement ring and wedding band. 

Engraved Signet Rings

Another classic ring style that’s still popular is the engraved signet ring. This jewelry piece is often worn as a fashion statement. Or it may be passed down as an heirloom from one generation to another. Traditionally, signet rings had a major cultural role. 

These were often emblazoned with the markings of a family crest or to reflect individuality. These days the engraved signet rings are usually worn both by women and men with certain symbols or letters. The letters or symbols often represent the wearer’s initials, name, title, school, organization, rank, or fingerprints.  

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