Top Pest Control Tips to Help You Get Rid of Mice from Your Walls

You’re a wonderful host, but mice are one of the guests you’d rather not have. Mice can wreak havoc on your property. Besides, they pose a health concern to you and your family due to the illnesses they spread. To one’s relief, it’s not hard to figure out how to get rid of mice.

Life After Bugs are experts in eliminating mice from buildings by treating the structure’s exterior, interior, and insulation. Our company provides many mouse extermination options that are both compassionate and environmentally friendly. Here are some of the pest control options that you can use to get rid of mice from your Houston home.

Pest Control Tips to Help You Get Rid of Mice

Although removing mice from walls might be challenging, it can be accomplished successfully with the appropriate approach. Here are six pest control options to get rid of mice:

  1. Sealing all mice entry points.

Mice can access your house via the tiniest of crevices. Use steel wool, foam sealant, or caulk to plug up any holes or gaps they may use to get inside. Besides, take special care to inspect the areas next to any pipes, vents, or electrical lines.

  1. Use natural mouse deterrents.

Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and vinegar are just a few of the natural repellents used to keep mice at bay. Place cotton balls drenched in these solutions along walls or in other hiding places where mice have been spotted.

  1. Use mousetraps.

The usage of mouse traps is a common and successful strategy for eradicating mice. The best places to set the traps are along the walls in places where you have seen them. It’s important to properly dispose of a mouse when you catch it.

  1. Setting up live traps.

Mice can be caught without having to resort to killing them by using live traps. Placing the trap along the walls where mice have been sighted is as easy as baiting it and waiting for a mouse to wander into it. You can then release them back into the wild after catching them.

  1. Utilize mouse-deterring technological devices.

Electronic mouse repellents emit high-frequency noises that are uncomfortable for rodents but safe for humans. Plug these into the wall, and they will keep the mice at bay.

  1. Contact a professional mouse exterminator.

You may have to call a professional exterminator if you’re having trouble getting rid of the mice on your own. They have access to more cutting-edge methods and tools, such as modern baits and poisons.

Preventative actions are also necessary to eliminate the possibility of reinfestation once these approaches have been implemented. Mice may be prevented by keeping the house clean, eliminating any potential food and water sources, storing food in sealed containers, and cutting down vegetation that might serve as a bridge into the house.

Are You Unable to Get Rid of Mice in Your Houston Home? It Is Our Pleasure to Assist You.

Life After Bugs is here to assist you in finding the source of your mouse issue and implementing effective solutions. Our company has offered mouse extermination and protection services to thousands of homes and businesses for quite some time now. Our solutions are environmentally friendly.

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