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What Is The Best Video Player For Windows?

There are lots of good video players available for Windows users. They can choose from the plethora of options and get one installed for their device. One of such amazing video players is the Potplayer. It is loaded with splendid features and is widely known for its awesome performance.

Name: Potplayer

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

The features of a Potplayer

Point of excellence

PotPlayer is beneficial for all users as it has a good number of settings. One can tweak everything in a video starting from brightness and contrast to de-noise and post-processing. These settings provide the best quality video playback. If the quality of the file is low, it gets better when played using the PotPlayer. PotPlayer is lightweight, fast, and can play any video format that includes the damaged files as well. The interface is simple and user-friendly.

Area of Improvement

Loads of settings available in a PotPlayer is beneficial, however, at times it also becomes painful to go through the settings menu every time. It takes time to get acquainted with the settings and there is no fun in doing it. It is a time-consuming process to tweak in every aspect of the player. It would be great if the settings are not based on the videos that are players. The settings should be universal so that the user does not have to tweak them every time. As the media player is young, you might experience a few bugs while playing.

You may check this Mac video player for outstanding performance. No video player is perfect for everyone. You can make your own choice with the one that works best for you.

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