When It Comes To The Weed Cafe, The Original Is Always Best

 When It Comes To The Weed Cafe, The Original Is Always Best

With the legalization of marijuana in many states in America, the extract which is known as cannabis is being used in many different forms to appease the desires of inquisitive people.  Since the prohibition era, people have been forced to keep marijuana out of public sight.  Today, it is not only an acceptable product, but there are cannabis restaurants in the country that are gaining in popularity.  The very first cannabis restaurant in America is the Original Cannabis Cafe.  This is a place where people who are connoisseurs of cannabis, and also those who may be somewhat curious about it, to feel comfortable while partaking from the Comprehensive Flower Menu.

About what the Original Cannabis Cafe really is

At the Original Cannabis Cafe, people can have their choice of the product served as small edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, and beverages, to the best in smoking accessories.  For the experienced connoisseur, the cafe offers concentrates.  There are even Flower Hosts who will help guide the cannabis experience if a person has not had the opportunity to try it before.  Both the local residents and tourists can enjoy their cannabis experience in a sociable atmosphere without the negative discernment of others.  The cafe offers reservations, and they also accept walk ins.  There is a legal age requirement for visiting the cafe, and customers must have a legal, government identification to enter.  Many people have medical cards for marijuana, but the Original Cannabis Cafe does not accept medical marijuana cards.

Products offered at the Original Cannabis Cafe

The Original Cannabis Cafe is more than just a weed cafe.  It offers visitors a wide range of the highest quality cannabis products.  This includes flowere, pre-packaged edibled, vapes, extracts, and concentrates.  Vaping has become a huge trend in America, and some of the best vape oils are at the Original Cannabis Cafe.  They also offer a myriad of smoking accessories like pipes, bongs, My Bud Vase, Session, Glass Rigs, papers and wraps, and a large selection of brand products.  Whatever is needed to make your cannabis adventure unique, you can find at the cafe.  They have enough accessories to service the entire capacity of the cafe at one given time.

Food at the Original Cannabis Cafe

The food served at the cafe is crafted and prepared by the famout Chef Andrea Drummer.  He is a celebrated chef who has curated numerous high end dishes that are cannabis infused, and has been doing so since 2012.  She has the honor of being named among the top chefs in Los Angeles.  The unique menu that she has fashioned is healthy and flavorful.  The food that she designs will enhance the total cannabis experience, and heighten the sense of smell and taste.  The menu changes seasonally as she caters to the local farmer’s markets.  Because of the current laws governing cannabis, none of the food served at the cafe are infused with the product, but there are pre-packaged foods in limited quantity, and lab tested products infused with cannabis, and available to purchase.

A new Original Cannabis Cafe has recently been opened in the West Hollywood.  This new weed cafe is named, or course, The Original Cannabis Cafe also.  Like the very first original, it offers the same top rated products, delicious food, and the best cannabis in America.

Clare Louise

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