Why Big Berkey Water Filter is Essential to Human Health

 Why Big Berkey Water Filter is Essential to Human Health

Most people want to drink clean water but aren’t sure how to do it. You don’t need to be an expert when choosing the best water filter in the market. When it comes to water filtration, nothing else can beat the Big Berkey water filter.

A Big Berkey water filter is one of the top leading water filters today. Your safety is their main priority when it comes to safe drinking water. It uses an advanced and robust system to purify your drinking water. As a result, it will remove 99.99% of viruses that are present in the water.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using a Big Berkey water filter. Also, we will tackle its various types. Lastly, we will guide you on how to pick the best water filter for your loved ones.  For more information on the Big Berkey filter, visit the USA Berkey website.

Benefits of Using Big Berkey Water Filter

Here are the top reasons why you need to pick Big Berkey water filter:

  • Can Save Lots of Money

Buying and drinking bottled water have become a necessity for most people. However, you can’t purchase it daily. That’s because bottled water is costly.

When you purchase a Big Berkey water filter, you can save lots of money. The reason is you only need to improve the quality of your tap water. Tap water is far way cheaper compared to bottled water.

  • Removes Chlorine in your Tap Water

Chlorine provides a vital role in cleansing our drinking water. It helps to get rid of harmful bacteria from the water. However, studies show that drinking water with chlorine content can lead to bladder cancer.

Still, we can solve this issue by purchasing a Big Berkey water filter. It provides two primary filters with various functions. The first filter removes small particles in the water like lead and heavy metals. The second one filtrates the chlorine found in tap water.

Once you remove all of these particles, you can now enjoy safe and healthy drinking water.

  • It Reduces Plastic Bottle Usage

Plastic bottled water is designed to bring comfort when you’re drinking. Although it provides all-round usage, plastic bottles are still harmful to the environment.

If we keep using it for a long time, the plastic crisis will soon rise. As a result, it will damage the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

With the aid of the Big Berkey water filter, you don’t need to purchase bottled water anymore. This water filter is convenient, and you can use it anywhere you want.

Types of Water Filters

There are various types of water filters you can choose. Each of them provides unique features compared to others. Here are the types of water filters widely used today:

  • Refrigerator Water Filters

            It is a type of water filter that doesn’t need any extra components to work. Usually, it is    installed with the refrigerator itself.

            It uses a carbon membrane that filters particles in the water, such as lead and mercury.       These substances are harmful to your health.

            Expert Tip:

            It would be best if you changed the filters every year to maintain a good water filter                     system. Most of the water filter system will notify you if you need to replace the                            old filter.

            You need to pay attention to your filter life because it is where the filtration took                          place.

  • Water Filter Pitcher

            If you want a compact and low-cost water strainer, then select a water filter pitcher. A      water filter pitcher doesn’t require any installation. It is a grab-and-go water filter         system.

            Water filter pitchers can be used in any place such as your home, sports gym, and offices.

            The only downside of a pitcher is that it can only filter a small amount of water. It works best only for a small group of people.

  • Under the Sink Water Filter

            It is a type of water filter system that can be found under the sink. This type of water        filter is installed with your tap water pipelines. It provides a series of water filter stages. It   yields   better results compared to a water filter pitcher.

            Expert Tip:

            Under the sink water filter is hard to maintain. You need to hire an expert water                            filter company that will clean or replace this kind of filter system. It includes both                                  civil and plumbing works to complete the entire maintenance process.

  • Berkey Travel Water Filter

            The Berkey Travel water filter is one of the top picks today. This all-round water filter is   easy-to-use and very handy. Made with stainless steel with two stages of filters, it merely   purifies your drinking waters.

            Water Filter Buying Guide

            Here are some guidelines you need to check before buying a water filter.

  • Check the Number of Water Filters

            We suggest that you select a water filter that has many stages of filters. We need to have good water output, and to achieve this; you need more than two water filters. Big Berkey         water filters have more than two sets of filters for the best safety of its users.

  • Easy to Transport

            If you love to travel, we highly advise choosing a Travel Berkey water filter. It is perfect for a group of three people. Also, it’s easy to carry and safe to use.

  • Well-Built Design

            We highly suggest choosing a water filter that provides a sturdy design. Big Berkey water            filters are made with high-grade stainless steel to prevent rust from the outside.

  • Warranty

            We suggest choosing a water filter that gives more Warranty on their products. If you       want Big Berkey water filters, they will offer a lifetime warranty on their hardware and        stainless parts.

Bottom Line

Drinking clean water every day is vital to our health. We cannot accept impure water because of the hazard it can give not only to ourselves but also to our family. That is why a water filter is crucial if you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to have safe drinking water daily, choose Big Berkey water filters.

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