Why Should You Choose To Switch to Dry Carpet Cleaning?

All of us need to keep our carpet clean, and there are several ways to get your carpet cleaned. Many people prefer steam cleaning while many also advocate the dry method of cleaning their carpet.

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Let us try to see a few good reasons why you should choose to go for dry cleaning of your carpet instead of the wet cleaning method, which is adopted by most of the professional carpet cleaners.

When a wet cleaning method is employed by your cleaner then they will use hot water with detergent, but a little amount of detergent will be left behind within the fiber of the carpet that can suck both dirt and detergent. Though the carpet will look clean, the detergent will remain.

With dry cleaning, there will be no such issues.

In dry cleaning methods, dry absorbent compounds will be used, which is a radically different approach. Here cleaning will not depend upon detergents and hot water, but only dry powder cleaning is used that will attract all the dirt and debris from your carpet.

After application of dry powder, all the dirt present in the carpet will be vacuumed up without using any water.

As compared to dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming will be less effective. Besides, with wet vacuuming little amount of water will always be leftover within the carpet after your cleaning. This residual water will mean that you will have to vacate the room and allow it to dry and that can cause significant disruption in the whole process.

With wet cleaning, a considerable amount of time will be needed to dry up your carpet and you will not be able to use the carpet. However, with the carpet dry cleaning, you can immediately use and walk over the carpet as usual without any restrictions.

People who are little concerned with different chemical exposure during the carpet cleaning process will be much relieved with dry carpet cleaning, simply because few biodegradable ingredients are generally used.

These ingredients usually contain a minimal amount of chemical content that can easily be removed from your carpet very easily.

With the wet carpet cleaning method, there is always a risk caused by water, which is an unpleasant smell after your cleaning because of insufficient drying time, causing infestation of either mold or mildew in the carpet.

No such possibility is present with the dry carpet cleaning technique.

Due to proven performance with minimal risk, dry carpet cleaning has gained too much popularity and nowadays major carpet manufacturers all over the world recommended their customers to use dry cleaning methods for carpets.

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