3 things you should not do if you’re going to

Are you thinking about updating your current hair color or cut? Winter is a great time to try that darker color you’ve been eying or that fresh new style you’ve noticed other women are trying. Not only will there be endless holiday parties to show off your new look, but you’ll have new year’s around […]Read More

Are watches no longer a necessity?

Styling yourself for a date, day at work, or even for lounging around the house doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, decide which mood you want to portray for the occasion and then plan from top to bottom or even plan based on which accessories you’d like to wear. Planning the perfect outfit Pants – […]Read More

Different types of carpet to choose from

There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed on a cold morning only to put your feet on a freezing cold floor. That’s why many homeowners decide to put carpet in their bedrooms and not hardwood or tile flooring. Aside from the ease of keeping your toes warm, there are other benefits carpet can provide […]Read More

Screened Porch or Sunroom – which is right for your

Summer is a great season to enjoy a lot of time outdoors. Whether you’re looking to spend time drinking coffee as the sun comes up or you’re interested in throwing a few summer BBQs, the last thing you want to pester you is bugs and mosquitos. Unfortunately, regardless of how many times you spray or […]Read More

Common reasons for roof discoloration

Your roof has a lot to deal with. The sun beats down on it, the rain drenches it, the winds whip it and the snow freezes it. It is no wonder that discoloration can happen. Common reasons for roof discoloration include algae, rust and asphalt bleed through. Algae Greenish black colored algae are most common on […]Read More

How to Clean Your Storage Unit like a Pro 

Whether you have a full size or a Mini storage unit, you’re eventually going to need to clean it. keeping your storage unit clean is like a favor you do for yourself. When you eventually go at to remove items from your storage unit it’s a lot easier if it’s clean. Here are the three […]Read More

Could a storage unit be the storage solution your business

Utilizing a storage unit to help your business may be a great opportunity to not only increase your sales but keep overhead costs down.  For many businesses, space is at a premium, so finding additional space at a minimal cost is key.  Below are just a few businesses that may benefit from additional storage. Home […]Read More

Four Reasons People Use a Storage Facility 

The reasons that people decide to rent a storage facility are as unique as they are. However, some reasons show up often enough to be common among everyone. Moving is one such example, especially when downsizing a home. If you have ever had to move from a larger home to a smaller one, you know […]Read More

Organization Tips for Your Public Storage Unit

Nearly everyone will need to access their belongings in public storage at some point before their rental agreement expires. That means it’s important to consider how to place your items into storage before doing so. Not only is an organized storage space much easier to access, it also makes your visit more efficient because you […]Read More

The proper way to clean your eye

Your eyes are something that most people take for granted. You expect to open them and see the world in all its glory. But there are times when you want to clean your eye and doing it correctly is important. The proper way to clean it your eye depends on what has gotten into it. Tears When you get something small […]Read More